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Protect Nature With Essential Oils

Lait de Soja Doesn't Pollute The Air In Your Home

We all know the relaxing effects of lighting a scented candle. Especially the glorious smell that fills the room. Welcome to the world of essential oils.

But not all candles are the same. Though all possess the same three components—wax, wick and fragrance—some are more toxic than others. Traditional candles usually add fragrances that can trigger asthma attacks and other respiratory issues.

You Can Confidently Burn Our Candles Sans Toxins.

Our essential oil fragrances are compromised of 100% pure, undiluted essential oils. We offer a healthy aroma that is gentle on the senses and planet. They are made from pure ingredients directly derived from nature. Essential oils are simply the oil of the plant from which they were extracted. The term essential indicates that the oil has a distinct essense of the plant from which it came from. Our essential oil is the closest fragrance to come closest to our natural environment.

We use essential oils because we believe that your body craves the harmony of nature. They are not manipulated into being anything other than what they are. Bottom line, we celebrate nature and do not change anything about this.