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The Dreamers


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These little fluffy white cloud candles are absolutely adorable. But, that is not all they are. They are made with a mission. Get one (or a couple) to line your shelves and help save the planet one step at a time.

WE ARE DREAMLAND. We dream about a perfect world, where we don’t have to fight climate change. We are made to become one step closer to dreamland.

We donate a part of our profits, on behalf of our beautiful customers, to organizations fighting the climate crisis. Each cloud candle stands for an organization that fights climate change.

Buy the Trio. Each candle size stands for a different cause.

Meet Forest, the big dreamer.
I will halt deforestation and it’s impact on climate change. A part of my profits will go to SOS Amazonia.

Meet Orca, the dreamer.
I protect the ocean. The seas provide half of our oxygen, food for a billion people, and a home for some of the most spectacular wildlife on Earth.

Meet Sky, the littlest dreamer
A part of my profits will go to Fridays for Future. They aim to create awareness and put pressure on policymakers to take forceful and effective actions to limit global warming.

Sky 1.5cm x 4cm x 3cm
Orca 2cm x 6cm x 4cm
Forest 2,5cm x 8cm x 6cm

Made with 100% organic soy wax.

Since these cloud candles are on the smaller end, they will have a shorter burn time. They are primarily meant as decor, but if you do wish to burn them, make sure it's on a non-flammable surface. Trim wick before lighting, and after each use. Never leave unattended. All cloud candles are unscented.

Due to each patch being hand poured, there may be slight variations in color and volume. You may also see some white frosting or small air bubbles, this is all a normal part of handmade candles. We try our best to keep all candles consistent, but we're human and not perfect!


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The Dreamers