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Waxmelt Douce Nuit

Ylang-Ylang • Cotton • White Musk
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Waxmelt Mademoiselle +€8.95

Add our Mademoiselle fragrance to your collection. Smells like: Bergamot • Midnight Jasmine • Smoked Vanilla

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Our wax melt can be used to test out a scent before you purchase the Scented Candle. You can burn the wax melt by using a wax melt burner.

Soy - the key ingredient - is 100% organic, flameless, pollution-free and eco-friendly. Soy wax contains nothing artificial, which makes it a better alternative to old-fashioned paraffin wax.

Our fragrances are not tested on animals and paraben and phthalate free. We developed our refined fragrances with master perfumers, to get every note just right.


Your Lait de Soja waxmelt comes in a recyclable, biodegradable paper glassine bags. Our waxmelts are 70g and have approximately 60-70 hours total burn time.

Top Note: Ylang-Ylang, Cotton
Middle Note: Sandalwood
Bottom Note: White Musk, Vanilla, Raspberry

Our wax melt have six individual wax melts. Simply snap one piece off and place a single wax melt in the well of your wax burner and light an unscented tea light below. Once the wax is warm, it will melt and spread fragrance that will rapidly fill your indoor space. Only burn the wax melt on a level, fire resistant surface. Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time.

You need to change the wax melt when no more fragrance is spread in the house. If your wax warmer is not lit and the wax has hardened, we find it easier to remove the wax melt by turning the warmer back on / relighting the tea light for 10-30 seconds so the wax loosens in the dish and is easier to remove as a solid piece. Apply a light amount of pressure to the melt and it should pop out in a semi solid form. Be sure to wipe away any excess with a paper towel.

Contains Citronellol, Cyclopentadecanolide, Geraniol, Tetramethyl acetyloctahyrdo-naphthalenes. May produce an allergic reaction.

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